Welcome to my cosplay website! Here you can find more details on my costume contruction process as well as my blog about my cosplay experiences. I have a variety of info about commissions and photography for those who are interested.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Joy, but I go by JLBee (jĕl-bee) online. I started cosplaying in 2014 making costumes out of modified clothes and whatever I had available. I love sewing and designing, so almost all my time outside of studying goes into making costumes for cosplay. There are so many aspects of cosplay I like, and I aim to share my knowledge and experience with others, especially the younger cosplayers in my local area of Atlantic Canada.

My other interests include music (playing ocarina and keyboards), computers (computer science student), and playing video games.

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Intersections: Costume Performance Outside of Cultural Norms

If you’ve ever gotten weird looks while in cosplay, you’ll know what I mean by costume outside of the norm, but have you ever thought about other forms of characterization? There’s a wide variety of performance and costume arts that are more similar than people tend to think about. I’m going to go over 3 … Continue reading Intersections: Costume Performance Outside of Cultural Norms

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For events, just email me here. for info and questions rather than using the form.